Oge-Pipsan, run by Total Quality Management approach since its establishment, is aware that product excellence begins with design excellence. Therefore, Oge-Pipsan has been designing and devloping all tools inhouse since the 1980s. In this way, it can offer fast and effective solutions to changing demands of its customers in all industries.

With its fully integrated toolshop and competent engineers / technicians, Oge-Pipsan combines the quality in production with its speed and flexibility in developing new designs. The toolshop is equipped with all the equipment needed, from the most advanced CNC EDM machines to conventional milling machines.

On the material side, Oge-Pipsan R&D team works close with universities and academicians. With the new formulations/recipes developed in-house, innovative surface properties can be obtained on extruded plastics. Glossy surfaces (High gloss>90), satin matte surfaces, soft-touch surfaces, etc. all can be applied in line with customer expectations.

Metal-insert plastic profiles that bring metal and plastic together have been included in the product range of Oge-Pipsan. In addition, with the formulations developed in-house, lighting profiles that diffuse the LED light and maximize the light transmittance are produced for the lighting industry.

In 2021, projects are currently being carried out in the R&D department to produce 2-dimensional extrusion profiles in the 3rd dimension.