Founders' message


In early 1970’s founders of Oge-Pipsan  completed their university degrees and started working in various production companies where they gained fresh experience in technical and administrative  management  branches. The founders decided to combine their efforts,  experience and technical knowhow to concentrate on production, sales and export in order to increase their contribution to the national and international economy.

Under this perspective Oge-Pipsan Company was founded in 1977.
In the beginning,  financial resources were quite limited. This limitation was remedied not by external financial sources but by efficient finance management and applying rule of no distribution of profit to the share holders until the company became mature enough.

In the mean time following principles have been declared as the non compromisable issues for all people working in Oge-Pipsan:

                 All new technologies related with plastic extrusion  shall  be constantly followed and adopted when found feasable.

                 Customer satisfaction will be the most important goal. Therefore Production Control, Quality Control and Delivery Control issues shall be given highest priority.

Our company, which has been operating for about 44 years, has gained a well deserved good reputation in Turkey, Europe and the Middle East.

From now on our main goal will be to continue our leadership through strict conformity to our company  principles and through becoming more institutionalized.

This way we hope to provide more satisfaction to our stakeholers and our co workers in the future.
As we are celebrating our 44th year we take this opportunity to express our thanks to those who have contributed to the developement  and progress of Oge-Pipsan.

With the recent contributions of our new generation of managers and staff we are looking forward to an even more successfull and brighter future for Oge-Pipsan.