Oge-Pipsan prioritizes quality and innovation at every stage of its production; strives to develop sustainable production processes. And Oge-Pipsan commits that every product it delivers will always be of the same specification over the years.


Our engineering infrastructure has been the competitive strength of our company since its inception. It has contributed to our involvement in many sectors such as white goods, automotive, and railway.

Quality Management

All processes of Oge-Pipsan have been under guarantee since 2003 with ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 TÜV Quality Certificates. Oge-Pipsan is the first company in its field to have 16949 quality management systems.


Investing in technology and innovation with its R&D Center, Oge-Pipsan offers innovative products with technological developments. Oge-Pipsan’s goal is; it is always to achieve the most difficult or even impossible in plastic extrusion.


Oge-Pipsan is a leading plastic profile extrusion company established in 1977.

It has been experienced in all thermoplastics including PVC and engineering plastics (PC, PMMA, ABS, PC/ABS, PETG, TPE, TPU, PE, PET/G; PA, and fiber reinforced plastics etc.) specialized in extrusion production.

Oge-Pipsan is ready to support all your projects with its millions of meters extrusion capacity, with more  than 2,500 extrusion molds, injection molds, experienced engineers, technicians and staff working in its modern facilities in two industrial cities of Turkey.



We prioritize quality at every stage of production. All our processes are quality assured.


We are experts in our field; we adopt the best-in-class approach in the production of plastic profiles. From the first day on, our long-term customer satisfaction perspective and our reputation are among our most important assets..


We follow all innovations in material science, process engineering and production, and develop innovative solutions for which we apply for patents that will meet customer expectations. Our innovative solutions mean we can meet customer expectations more efficiently and more cost-effectively.


Exporting to a wide geography from Finland to India for more than 30 years, Oge-Pipsan is one of the leading suppliers of plastic profile needs forautomotive, white goods, lighting, construction, packaging and decoration industries.



Oge-Pipsan quality policy basis on absolute Customer Satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is ensured by products with exact compliance to specification , on-time delivery and competitive prices. Thanks to thequality management system, Oge-Pipsan has ensured that all processes from raw material entry to product shipment, have been in compliance with the rule of traceability since its establishment.




We ,successfully, passed the TÜV NORD IATF 16949 recertification audit.

Oge-Pipsan Sets the Standards in Plastic Profile Production.

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Oge-Pipsan has added a new EDM in its toolshop.

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