R&D projects and innovative solutions


Being one of the leading manufacturers of plastic profiles in PVC and engineering plastics industry, which continues to grow continuously, Oge-Pipsan continues its R&D position in the sector with its mission of being a dynamic solution partner that develops innovative products and services, creates value for the plastics industry and all its stakeholders.
Oge-Pipsan's experienced R&D team, which aims to do what cannot always be done in extrusion and to innovate, is proud of having realized many patentable and patentable projects in recent years. In Oge-Pipsan formulations, special chemical formulations, for which its own R&D unit has been developed, are mostly used, not the additives sold in the market.
By maintaining our productive, innovative and entrepreneurial structure, which we have maintained since our establishment, in a more systematic way, all kinds of surface properties can be applied to the products with new formulations developed within the Company. Glossy surfaces (High gloss>90), satin matte surfaces, soft textured surfaces etc. It can be applied to all profile surfaces in line with customer expectations. Thanks to the developed mold technologies, metal insert profiles that bring metal and plastic together have been included in the product range of Oge-Pipsan.
Oge-Pipsan is aware that product excellence begins with perfection in design. Oge-Pipsan has been designing and producing all of the molds it needs since the 1980s. In this way, it can offer fast and effective solutions to new designs, design changes and similar requests from customers. With its fully integrated mold workshop and competent engineers and technicians, it supports the understanding of quality in production with its speed and flexibility in developing new molds. Oge-Pipsan workshop is equipped with all the machining benches needed, from the most advanced CNC EDM machines to CNC milling machines. Carrying out research and development activities in many different fields in plastic production, we produce solutions for our stakeholders from Turkey and the world in these fields; We are advancing towards the goal of becoming one of the largest players in the engineering plastics, PVC and plastic profiles markets. With its experienced engineers, technicians and machine operators, Oge-Pipsan R&D unit is ready to support all your projects. Our main motivation in every innovation we develop is the understanding of “our customers' success is our success".
We will continue to create value for our company, our industry, our stakeholders and our country, by constantly moving forward with innovative work towards becoming a leading R&D unit that produces know-how and transforms scientific knowledge into commercial products.